Anyone who knows me knows I like to have little bets every now and then. Generally I go for a mad half timer or generally the outlandish odds I think if I started to focus and try analyse on a regular basis I'd be out right broke as I'm not overly successful but have had a few wins obviously otherwise I wouldn't do it. So as my first post in this category I'm going to show you an example of the kind of mental outcomes I bet on.   Tomorrows bet; A 20…continue reading →

Opening post…

I've owned this domain for some time now (Registered: 25th of February 2010) with the initial idea of blogging about gaming as the URL represents a general alias I use and used to sit within my Xbox Live profile (It may still be there can't say I've ventured to look). However I never really did a great deal with it over all and kept having thoughts to return to it but never really found the time, I'm by no means a writer, my grammar and punctuation sucks but to fill a little time…continue reading →