The returners among you may notice there has been some shift around the layout, but primarily I want to address the advertising space. This is something relatively new and recently published to the WordPress Plugin page (WordPress plugin | its a new form of monetization for "bloggers" which is paid out in Ethereum and pretty much the only competition to Google's AdSense. You can quickly monetize your site without waiting (looking at you AdSense, who removed my monetization thus making me now wait 3 days to have it re-enabled) by simply installing…continue reading →

Home Assistant & IPP.

I've recently been rebuilding my Home Assistant installation to make it more "production ready", so that everyone in the house has a good experience. To do this I decided to completely scrap the current build I was solely using as it just had configs all over the place among various other issues. I found myself not being able to add my HP 6700 Officejet AIO Printer, I had previously connection it to HA via the IPP frontend integration. However, this kept failing and I was unsure as to why! Nothing was being shown…continue reading →

Keeping Home Assistant upto date.

As there is no Auto-Update feature with Home Assistant and rightly so, that isn't a complaint. It's always best to check if there are any breaking changes in the next available release so you can prepare for them accordingly. By default Home Assistant doesn't notify you with a message to say there is a new version available, so you can periodically check their home page or use the in-built Updater sensor to create yourself an automation to generate a notification.   Below is the .yaml for my persistent notification in addition to the…continue reading →


Always a tough one for me to write, generally in social media profiles I've completed the bio with "I'm me". One even goes as far to state more information on me can be found on this website, which until now has been an absolute lie! I'm British English with a horrible grasp of writing my own language, I'm from "the north" which to most in the south can be summed up as being anything above the Watford gap. Anyone as far up as Teesside will refer to me as a southern which isn't…continue reading →