Home Assistant & IPP.

I've recently been rebuilding my Home Assistant installation to make it more "production ready", so that everyone in the house has a good experience. To do this I decided to completely scrap the current build I was solely using as it just had configs all over the place among various other issues. I found myself not being able to add my HP 6700 Officejet AIO Printer, I had previously connection it to HA via the IPP frontend integration. However, this kept failing and I was unsure as to why! Nothing was being shown…continue reading →

Keeping Home Assistant upto date.

As there is no Auto-Update feature with Home Assistant and rightly so, that isn't a complaint. It's always best to check if there are any breaking changes in the next available release so you can prepare for them accordingly. By default Home Assistant doesn't notify you with a message to say there is a new version available, so you can periodically check their home page or use the in-built Updater sensor to create yourself an automation to generate a notification.   Below is the .yaml for my persistent notification in addition to the…continue reading →