Always a tough one for me to write, generally in social media profiles I’ve completed the bio with “I’m me”. One even goes as far to state more information on me can be found on this website, which until now has been an absolute lie!

I’m British English with a horrible grasp of writing my own language, I’m from “the north” which to most in the south can be summed up as being anything above the Watford gap. Anyone as far up as Teesside will refer to me as a southern which isn’t far from the truth now, as I currently reside within the South East of England (Kent, to be a little more specific). But originally originating from South Yorkshire – thankfully I still have my wonderful accent even after 8+ years of living down here.

I’m a 30 something with a passion for Technology unless, it’s a product of Apple then I have no interest at all. Until recently I’ve always worked within a IT/Software support role at one point even clawing my way up the various rungs to become a IT Manager at a software development company. I’ve now completely switch career tracks to pursue a personal “dream” of developing software and can now technically call myself a “Developer/Software Engineer”.

The idea of this blog is to dive into topics that interest me, it’s not a place I’ll be oversharing on private topics such as family life. I’ll generally be writing/ranting about pretty much anything I have a wide range of interests and tastes! I’ll leave it at that for now and may come back to update it in the future, probably not. If you want to follow me on other platforms check out the “follow me” section in the side bar or footer.

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