As there is no Auto-Update feature with Home Assistant and rightly so, that isn’t a complaint. It’s always best to check if there are any breaking changes in the next available release so you can prepare for them accordingly. By default Home Assistant doesn’t notify you with a message to say there is a new version available, so you can periodically check their home page or use the in-built Updater sensor to create yourself an automation to generate a notification.


Below is the .yaml for my persistent notification in addition to the binary sensor for the updater, it will also make use of the sensor ‘current_version’ to display more detailed information within said notification. Along with a handy URL to the release notes so you can take a look at those changes!


alias: New version available.
description: Check to see if there is a newer version of Home Assistant.
- platform: state
entity_id: binary_sensor.updater
to: 'on'
condition: []
- service: notify.persistent_notification
title: >-
New update available! ({{ state_attr('binary_sensor.updater',
'newest_version') }})
message: >-
There is a new version of Home Assistant available, the latest version
number is {{ state_attr('binary_sensor.updater', 'newest_version') }}.
Your current version is {{ states('sensor.current_version') }} release
notes can be found at {{ state_attr('binary_sensor.updater',
'release_notes') }}.
mode: single


If you have a better version or suggestions drop me a comment or Direct Message me on Twitter.

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