I’ve recently been rebuilding my Home Assistant installation to make it more “production ready”, so that everyone in the house has a good experience. To do this I decided to completely scrap the current build I was solely using as it just had configs all over the place among various other issues.

I found myself not being able to add my HP 6700 Officejet AIO Printer, I had previously connection it to HA via the IPP frontend integration. However, this kept failing and I was unsure as to why!

Nothing was being shown in the Home Assistant logs and the printer config has not changed. So I felt this was a Home Assistant issue after some poking around with an mDNS tool I discovered my issue… I was using the wrong path…

By default the configuration will define ‘ipp/print’, for HP (or at the very least my 6700) this path needs to be ‘ipp/printer’. As soon as I entered those 2 additional characters it was straight into defining the Device Name and Location. As simple as that… I did try googling the symptoms but with no (identifiable) results. So this post is here to mainly help future me when I without a doubt forget this piece of information, hopefully it will help others along the way.

I’m unaware of any settings/info within the printer to discover/show/change the path required so if using the default path and/or the IPP/Printer path does not work, you may need to source a piece of software to sniff this out. Should you (or I) ever reset the printer and encounter the above again it may be worth checking that this functionality is also set to enabled…. I’m unsure if the default configuration is to have that option enabled. To enable IPP you need to visit the printers embedded web server, navigate to ‘Network’, then select ‘Internet Printing Protocol’ from the advanced settings block. Make sure the option is set to ‘Enable IPP’ and of course hit the ‘Apply’ button.

HP Printer IPP

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